Docker Fun – Star Wars

robotsWelcome to the latest in my series of using Docker in some fun and unusual ways. Previously I covered how to display a Matrix screen similar to the movie and showing a locomotive animation in your Docker session . This time, we’ll look an amazing telnet animation that’s been around for quite awhile (since 1997 according to this website). It shows the entire Star Wars Episode 4 movie using ASCII characters. Continue reading “Docker Fun – Star Wars”

Docker Fun – Locomotive

trainWelcome to the second in my series of using Docker in some fun and unusual ways. In the first installment, I showed how to display a Matrix screen similar to the movie. This time, we’ll look at showing a steam locomotive engine in motion in a Docker container. I’m not sure where this application originated, but it seems to have started as an Easter Egg in Linux to tweak people who misspell the system command ‘ls’.

Like last month’s this is an easy container to implement, consisting of only a three line Dockerfile.

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Centos – Show details during boot

startupBy default CentOS 6 shows an animation while the system boots up, indicating its progress with either a rotating ring or a progress bar (in my experience physical machine installs show the rings, and VM installs show the progress bar). However, if you are from a sysadmin background or are responsible for monitoring one or more CentOS boxes, you may want to see what’s happening while the system comes up, rather than a simple animation.

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Public Data Sets

3d database structureIf you are just starting working with Hadoop and Big Data, you may be at a loss for data to experiment with. Luckily, there is an abundant supply of freely available data sets on the Internet. Here I will highlight a few of the sources I have found out about, and I’ll add more as I find them.

InfoChimps is a company of data scientists, cloud computing and open source experts who provide solutions for their customers to make Big Data platforms. They provide over 11,000 freely available data sets for you to download. Everything from an Excel readable list of crossword puzzle words to UFO sighting data sets are here. Continue reading “Public Data Sets”