Photo Break – Land Between the Lakes KY

Spent some vacation time last week in western Kentucky, near the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. There are two large lakes with a peninsula between them making it a boater’s paradise (although I am not a fan), and there is some great scenery. This picture was take at one of the many marina near the Kentucky Dam at sunset.

Picture copyright by me, so do not use without permission.

Photo Break – Mansfield Reformatory


Above are a couple of pictures I took during a photography workshop at the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio. Erected in the late 1800s, the prison was closed a few decades ago but is maintained as an historic site.  In the intervening time its been used as the setting for a number of movies, most notably the Shawshank Redemption. It was a fascinating experience and if you are near Mansfield Ohio I recommend stopping in for a tour.

BTW – my apologizes for the dearth of posts lately, but some recent changes has left me with a serious shortness of free time.