Docker Fun – Play Text Adventures

zorkThis time around in the Docker Fun series, we are getting a little more ambitious. Zork was one of the first popular text adventures, building on the work of Will Crowther and Dan Wells who created the mainframe game Colossal Cave (aka Adventure). Zork was originally written to run on a DEC PDP-10 system, and was later ported to just about every personal computer that was available. While text adventures at that time were struggling with two word commands like “Open Door”, Zork understood much more elaborate command like “Hit the grue with the Elvish sword”. The developers of Zork founded Infocom and eventually released a number of sequels and prequels to Zork as well as several dozen other text adventures in a number of different genres. Eventually the company was sold to Activision and the Infocom games have since lapsed into a sort of purgatory. Technically the download file for Zork is in violation of copyright laws, so feel free to substitute one of the many free Z5 files available on the Internet.

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Docker Fun – Locomotive

trainWelcome to the second in my series of using Docker in some fun and unusual ways. In the first installment, I showed how to display a Matrix screen similar to the movie. This time, we’ll look at showing a steam locomotive engine in motion in a Docker container. I’m not sure where this application originated, but it seems to have started as an Easter Egg in Linux to tweak people who misspell the system command ‘ls’.

Like last month’s this is an easy container to implement, consisting of only a three line Dockerfile.

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What is a data scientist?

What is a data scientist?

Quick post today – crazy busy this week with the Memorial Day holiday, a major software upgrade at my job, and a lot of other things all coalescing at once.

  • A data scientist is an individual, organization or application that performs statistical analysis, data mining and retrieval processes on a large amount of data to identify trends, figures and other relevant information. – Technopedia
  • A data scientist is a data analyst who lives in California – Josh Wills, Sr. Director of Data Science at Cloudera, at a Cloudera Users Group Meeting in Southfield, MI on 5/22/2014


Illustration of ETL

ETLIllustration of ETL

This is an updated graphic that hung in my office space at work for a number of years. I was asked many times, what I did, and had to explain what ETL meant. Eventually I came up with this idea, grabbed some stock images from iStockPhoto and put it together. Enjoy!