Cassandra Installation on Linux Mint

Cassandra_logoNoSQL databases are multiplying faster that anyone could have imagined when Google released their Google File System and MapReduce papers in 2003 and 2004 – the inspiration for a host of NoSQL database developers.

The NoSQL project that became Apache Cassandra was originally developed at Facebook as the back-end for their Inbox Search feature. It was released as open source in July 2008 and later moved to the Apache Foundation. Gaining in popularity in the intervening time,  the website now ranks Cassandra the eighth most popular data management system.

Setting up a development version of Cassandra on Linux Mint is pretty straightforward, and this tutorial will walk through the process. At the time of this writing, Cassandra 3.0.1 had just been released. It requires Java 8 or later and at least 8GB of RAM. Version 2.2.4 is available as the most current stable version, which will run with Java 6 or later with 4GB or RAM. If you intend to use DataStax’s OpsCenter management tool be aware that it does not currently support either version.

To illustrate the installation of OpsCenter I will be covering the older Cassandra version 2.1 which IS supported by OpsCenter. DataStax notes on their website that the next version of OpsCenter will support Cassandra 2.2 and 3.0. The difference between installing version 2.2 or 3.0 is minimal and I’ll note that as we process. Also, be aware that the Linux Mint update center may try to upgrade your system to 3.0 once you are complete.

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