Pentaho ETL on Mac won’t start


Update: If you are using Kettle 5.01 on OS X Mavericks, there is a different issue that causes problems. Go here for more info.

A quick note for anyone who may be trying to use the Pentaho ETL tool (Kettle) on a Mac with OS X Mountain Lion, and running into problems getting it started. There is a permissions issue that needs to be fixed within the application before it will run. Its not difficult to fix, but it does require you to use the Terminal application.

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A new direction

Hi all! Just a brief note to explain what’s going on here at After much deliberation I’ve decided to fork my website. Over the past several years, photography has often taken a back seat to other interests and priorities. So rather than let the website languish for weeks or months at a time, I’ve decided to incorporate those areas into the website.

So welcome to (version 2.0)! I’ll still be posting photography as I have time, but I’ll also include Business Intelligence material (my full-time job), and Linux related info (another passion of mine). Hope you’ll stick around for the new material, and let others know if they might be interested as well.