Interesting stuff from around the Internet

internet-300pxBeen a crazy busy month personally, lost one family member, added a new one, celebrated some stuff, and Halloween was here. I’ve been looking into a variety of information on the web so here is a round up of some interesting topics until I have some time to devote to normal articles and tutorials.

RethinkDB – this newer Big Data database platform seems to be getting some traction. Its aimed at realtime web applications, and uses a JSON type data structure (similar to MongoDB), but also provides support for JOINs (which MongoDB doesn’t). PacktPub’s blog posted an article on Learning RethinkDB. The documentation on the platform’s website is very good compared to what is normally associated with Open Source projects.

Python IDEs – At a previous job, the JAVA developers used Eclipse and were pretty passionate about it. I’ve tried it for somethings, but never saw the appeal. published an article this week looking at the Top 3 Open Source Python IDEs and included Eclipse as one of their choices. An interesting omission was IDLE – the standard Python development environment.  PyCharm was one of the three the article wrote about, and the one I have been most impressed with. PyCharm comes in two versions, a paid one that will support multiple development languages (like Eclipse), and a free community version that only works for Python.

Pentaho released version 6 of their Business Intelligence community edition suite. I’ve downloaded and installed Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), but haven’t had time to put it through its paces yet. Most of the new features from what I can tell are aimed at system performance rather than new functionality, which is unusual in this day and age, but a welcome thing to see. Check out the What’s New page for more information.

Seagate Hybrid SSD – I have switched over to using the Dell laptop I talked about previously almost all the time. I’ve swapped out the hard drive to a 500GB hybrid SSD from Seagate that Amazon has for $58. Although advertised as having similar performance as an SSD, I will say it is slightly slower than the older 240GB SSD I had, but still considerably faster than the 5400RPM HDD that came with the laptop. Definitely a worth while lower end option to SSDs.

DualBoot Linux and Windows 10 – Finally, with the expanded hard drive, I’ve set the laptop up to dual boot with Windows 10 home edition. has a good tutorial on getting this working correctly. The main motivation for that was occasionally I need to fire up Lightroom to do some photo editing or to access my library of older photos. While I have GIMP and Corel AfterShot installed on the Linux Mint partition, I’m still much more comfortable in Lightroom. I will report that Win10 works very well on this laptop, so if I every decide to sell it off, I will be able to include it that on the old hard drive.