Photo Break – Land Between the Lakes KY

Spent some vacation time last week in western Kentucky, near the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. There are two large lakes with a peninsula between them making it a boater’s paradise (although I am not a fan), and there is some great scenery. This picture was take at one of the many marina near the Kentucky Dam at sunset.

Picture copyright by me, so do not use without permission.

Photo Break – Flag City Balloon Fest


Took the day off today to drive to Findlay for the annual Flag City Balloon Fest. I’ve attempted this trip several other times, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Today the sky was clear and blue, and about a dozen balloons were inflated for Media day. Unfortunately, the weather still didn’t cooperate. High winds several hundred feet up scrubbed the launch, and shortly after this shot the balloons were brought back down.